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Wiz Khalifa Album: Black and YellowWiz Khalifa or Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born on September 8th, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota.  Both of Khalifa’s parents were stationed there while in the military.  At a very young age, his parents divorced and he was bounced between a few different areas of the world because he was living with parents who were in the military.  This caused Khalifa to move around frequently, he lived in Germany, England, and Japan before he was able to finally settle down in the Pittsburgh area and go to school.  This was a lot of movement for a young man, but through it all, he managed to make music a part of his life.

For Khalifa, he got his name from two different things.  As a child, he was actually nicknamed the “young Wiz” because he was good at everything.  He also had a Muslim uncle that my have been the reason why he picked Khalifa, which in Arabic means successor and wisdom.  This name seems to fit him well as he really has started to gain popularity in the music industry.  He was about to see growth and see success in the thing that he really loved, his music.

The first thing that Wiz Khalifa did in the music industry was to release a mixtape that was called Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania.  This was released in 2005 and actually was the reason why he was able to produce and release his first full length album in 2006 that was called Show and Prove.  It was that same year that Khalifa started to get some press and get noticed.  Rolling Stone magazine actually said that he was definitely an artist that should be watched in the coming year. 

All of this led to Wiz Khalifa being signed by Warner Brothers Records in 2007.  They actually helped him release a few different mix tapes.  His first single that was released with the record company was called “Say Yeah” and it did actually make it onto the Billboard charts.  This song is actually used in a lot of different tracks for other people, it was used in Usher’s club, and it was used in a Cure song.  But, in the end, Khalifa had to cut ties with Warner Brothers Records, they just kept delaying the release of his debut album, and although he appreciated all that they were doing, he needed more to move forward with his career.

There is a lot that will be seen from Wiz Khalifa soon.  His debut album will actually be released later in 2011 and he has headed out on his own tour which has sold out at every destination.  His hit single “Black and Yellow” is a number 5 hit on the Billboard Charts.  There is probably a lot more that will be seen from Wiz Khalifa, and when his album is released, hopefully he’ll get the support and recognition that he deserves.  Be sure to check out his new album hitting stores soon.


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