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Trey Songz Album: Passion Pain & PleasureTrey Songz or Tremaine Aldon Neverson was born on November 28th, 1984.  He is well known by his stage name, of course, which is Trey Songz.  He was born in Petersburg, Virginia and grew up as a military brat.  The funny thing is that Trey was so shy; he really didn’t want to perform and was pushed to perform by his friends and family.  He actually was discovered at a local talent show in 2000 and that is how he landed his first record contract.  Without the push of his family, the world never would have been able to experience what Trey Songz has to offer.

Trey Songs was signed by producer Troy Taylor, who is part of the Atlantic Records crew.  He was signed in 2002, when he was done with high school and moved to New Jersey so that he could start recording the music that he was going to put out.  It took him a few years to actually get his album done to his liking, produced, and released by his recording label.  Once he actually got to New Jersey and signed it, this started taking him a while to get up and running, but once he got up and going, there is so much that he did.

The first album that Trey Songz released was in 2005 and it was called I Gotta Make It.  Before that, Trey was releasing tapes under his alias which was Prince of Virginia, from this he actually got some press because he did what is called an answer track to an R. Kelly song that received some attention in 2004, this was before he released his new album.  But, his first album actually had some big names on it, there were tracks that featured Twista that hit the Billboard charts and helped him bring his fame to another level.

For his second album, Trey took more of a mainstreamed approach to his music so that it would be more widely accepted; this helped him build credibility and even brought his album up in the Billboard charts.  The second album, which was called Trey Day was released in 2007.  Unfortunately, this album really was not a huge hit and it was actually delayed in its release date because there wasn’t a popular single on it.  Trey really started growing in popularity with his third album and especially his fourth album.  Without these two, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

In 2010, he released Passion, Pain & Pleasure, this was the album that would bring him his fame.  This album features many singles and many people like Nicki Minaj for collaborations.  This is definitely a great album and is helping to make Trey the artist that he is today.  This lead him to appearances at the MTV music awards and helped him start his first headlining tour.  There is a lot more to be seen from Trey Songz, he has just started his career, so be on the lookout for great things from him.


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