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The FrayWhen two former school friends ran into each other at a local Denver music store, the two of them, Isaac Slade and Joe King, began having jam sessions which led to songwriting, which led to two more musicians Ben Wysocki and Dave Welsh joining the jam and songwriting sessions. This all led to the development of one of the newest most listened to bands of the 2000s, The Fray.

Isaac Slade sings vocals and plays piano, Dave Welsh plays guitar, Joe King sings vocals and plays guitar and Ben Sysocki plays drums and percussion. Formed in 2002, The Fray is probably most well-known for their songs “How To Save a Life” and “Over My Head (Cable Car)” which was actually written by Isaac Slade in reaction to his falling out with brother and previous The Fray member, Caleb Slade.

Signed by Epic Records in 2004, The Fray released their first album, How to Save a Life, in 2005. Their second album, The Fray, was released in 2009. Singles to become hits over the years have been “Over My Head (Cable Car)”; “How to Save a Life”; “Look After You”; “All at Once”; “You Found Me”; and “Never Say Never”.
An alternative rock band with hints of piano, their sound has been compared to that of U2 and the Counting Crows, which most likely had everything to do with the band being named by Denver’s Westword Magazine, Best New Band.

Isaac Slade, singer, songwriter and co-founder of the band The Fray, was born in 1981 in Denver Colorado. Married to Anna Slade, Isaac has co-written every song on The Fray’s first album, How to Save a Life.

Joe King, The Fray’s rhythm guitarist, back-up vocalist, and co-founder of The Fray, was born in 1980. Before running into co-founder Isaac Slade at that local Denver record store and starting The Fray, Joe King worked for Hanks Auto Body West as a damage appraiser while attending school. Joe Kind is married and has two daughters.

The Fray drummer Joseph Wysocki, was born in 1984 and always wanted to be a rocker. Always wanted to be a rock and roll drummer. Wysocki cites famous drummers such as Red Hot Chili Peppers former drummer Jack Irons and Ringo Starr of The Beatles as his influences and inspirations. Wysocki is married and has a passion for photography aside from The Fray.

David “Dave” Welsh, born in 1984, is The Fray’s lead guitarist. He has been playing guitar since he was twelve years old, and was previously in a band with Isaac and Ben before The Fray. That band was called Ember. Welsh is married.

Many Fray fans became die-hard fans after just listening to The Fray’s music once. 


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