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The Band Perry Album: The Band PerryThe Band Perry is a family country act that is from Mobile, Alabama.  The three siblings, Kimberly, Reid, and Neil were known on the local scene throughout Alabama before they hit it big.  As children, they grew up playing little local gigs and were well known in the area.  It was just a matter of time before they made it big and became the country hit that they are quickly becoming today.  They are a talented family that has worked really hard to be a big name on the country scene and there are a lot of great things that we have seen from them. 

The actually The Band Perry was formed in the summer of 2005, although they had been playing for years before that.  They amazing thing was, that the oldest member of the band, Kimberly, was actually 15 years old and had amazing vocals that surprised so many different people.  The younger brothers, Reid who was 10 and Neil who was 8 actually had formed their won opening act for their sister and worked as her roadies.  However, what they realized is that they had an amazing three part harmony that they were able to do amazing things with together.

The Band Perry can give a lot of their thanks to Bob Doyle, who was actually Garth Brooks’ manager.  He heard them, met with them, and helped them start their career as a three part band with amazing harmony.  It was towards the end of 2005 that they really sat down, realized what they had, and started working to make it on the country scene.  With Bob Doyle’s help, they were able to record some songs in the studio that caught the attention of a lot of different people.  One of the first people that found out about their recordings was Scott Borchetta and his partner Jimmy Harnen who had a new label in Nashvilel called Republic Nashville.

From there, the band signed with the label in 2009 and released their single called “Hip to My Heart”.  From there, they released their debut EP which was self titled in May 2010 and released a full version of it a little bit later that year.  The Band Perry contributes so much of their success to the fact that they are a family band and that they have something that a lot of duos and bands will never have due to this fact.

We’ve only seen the beginning from this young group, there will be much more to come.  They are so excited to committing their lives to music and showing the world what a great family bond can do to put out some great music.  They are committed to enjoying their ride through the music scene together and are going to work hard to show the world what they are about.  Be on the lookout for what this band has to offer, they are talented, they are young, and the world hasn’t seen anything yet.  There is much more to come from them.


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