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Taio Cruz Album: RokstarrTaio Cruz was actually born as Adetayo Ayowale Onile-Ere and is of Nigerian and Brazilian descent.  He was born on April 23, 1982 in London, England.  He attended school in the more rural outskirts of London in Sussex.  He was introduced to music, mostly soul music, by his mother at a very young age.  From here, his interest of music grew and he started to work to find different things that he could do in the music industry to express his love of music.  His first start in the music industry, however, was not as a singer and was actually as a songwriter.

Taio Cruz today is known as a British R&B singer and songwriter.  However, before he even broke into the music industry, he got his start as a songwriter.  You may know him from his co-writing of Will Young’s hit song “Your Game” and his help in writing Rihanna’s huge hit “Umbrella”.  The song for Will Young actually landed Taio Cruz a 2005 BRIT award for the Best British Single.  The amazing thing with Taio Cruz is that his career started at a very young age, and he was writing these hit songs when he was 18 and that was when he signed his first deal as a publishing artist and not as a singer.  But, soon after realizing that he was able to write music, he also realized that he was able to produce and sing songs also.

Once Taio Cruz decided to branch out and begin his own career as a singer, he started to blow up in popularity.  Although, just like any other music artist, it took him a few years to get to the top of the charts, the hard work finally paid off though.  Taio Cruz has always been a larger hit on the European charts and he released his first song in 2006 when he was signed by Universal Music Group.  His first song was a single that was released in 2006 and it was “I Just Wanna Know”.  This song became a U.K Top 30 hit.  From there, Taio Cruz actually released another single, which was “Moving On”; this also made the Top 30 charges in the U.K.  The first album that Taio Cruz released actually wasn’t released in 2008 and that was Departure.  This was also another huge hit in the U.K, but Taio Cruz still hadn’t broke into the U.S music charts at this point.

The break into the U.S music charts occurred for Taio Cruz in 2010 when he released his album Rokstarr.  This album immediately had a single “Break Your Heart” with Ludacris that became a huge hit for the latter half of 2010.  This was just the push that he needed to have a successful career in the United States music market.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more and more of Taio Cruz, he is talented and dedicated to the music industry and makes some great music that people throughout the world have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy.


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