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Sugarland Album: The Incredible MachineThe band of Sugarland was originally founded in 2003 with three original members.  The members were Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush, and Kristen Hall.  These members were performers before they met, and when they combined they realized that there was an opportunity to collaborate together and to make some great music for fans to listen to all over the world.  Each of these people had already had their own individual success, Jennifer Nettles had her own band, Kristian Bush had previously been in a duo, and Kristen was already a solo artist.  Combining their talents would actually take them to a new level that no one could dream of.

In 2004, Sugarland was signed to Mercury Nashville for a record deal.  It was with this label that they were able to turn out their debut album which was called Twice the Speed of Life.  The single on this CD was ”Baby Girl” and it soon became a hit on the charts, and ended up at number two.  That album actually had three more singles that ended up hitting the charts off of it.  This fame only lasted for so long.  In 2006, their fans were heartbroken and shocked to find out that Kristen Hall would be leaving the band and that they would not replace her.

Instead, without Kristen, the two, Jennifer and Kristian became a duo, and their music took off to another level.  Later that year, they put out their second album without Kristen called Enjoy the Ride.  This was where the success and fame really started for Sugarland, the band didn’t miss Kristen and they actually hit the charts and rode it high taking two number 1 spots with singles on their new album.  This was great success for them and they were loved by fans everywhere.

With the success of their new album, CMT picked up on the hit that was Sugarland.  In 2007, they went on a headlining tour that was sponsored by them where they played with other great bands like Little Big Town and Jake Owen.  This was the first headlining tour for the Sugarland duo and they were excited to release some live music from their tour.

After the tour in 2008, they were able to release their third album which was a big hit.  They were able to debut their new single off the album at the ACM awards in 2008, and they even offered two different versions of the album for their fans to start collecting.  The one version had some extra live tracks that their fans enjoyed and was released a week before the regular album version was.

Sugarland today is a huge hit on the country and pop circuit, who knows how many more albums that they will release in the next few years.  In September of 2010, they started another worldwide tour as the headliners.  There is a great future from Sugarland, and we can expect much more out of them than we have seen.  They won’t stop amazing us, that is for sure.


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