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Sara Evans Album: StrongerSara Evans is a country star that was born on February 5th, 1971 in Boonville, Missouri.  She was raised in a small town setting on a farm and is part of an extremely large family.  There are seven children in her family and she is the oldest of the girls.  She started signing at a young age and was playing in her family band at the age of 5.  The family went through some hard times when Sara was 8 years old and she was hit by a car in front of her house.  She had multiple leg fractures and was forced to recover in a wheelchair.  However, to pay for her medical bills, she was singing in night clubs while she was recovering.  At 16, she started performing at a night club near her house so she could get more exposure.

Once she turned 18, she headed to Nashville, Tennessee to start her career as a country music artist.  She met her husband in Nashville and they were married the next year after she got there.  She started recording songs in 1995 and was starting to catch the attention of record labels.  She was signed by RCA Nashville that same year and worked with them to help her get a name known for herself.
In 1997, she actually was able to release her first album under the RCA label.  This album was entitled Three Chords and the Truth.  This album took a little bit to grow in popularity, but she was actually able to even have a single on it that reached number 1.  This was great for a new album and she was seeing a lot of great success off of this CD.  Her next album was released in 2000 and was called Born to Fly.  The single off of it was the same as the album title and this was a huge hit. 

After these albums, she released two more by 2003 before she ended up putting out a Greatest Hits CD.  She was able to see major success with these albums and was named the Top Female Vocalist in 2006 at the ACM awards show.  She put out a greatest hits CD in 2007 and it had some new songs and compilation of old and unreleased songs.  This was also a hit and she released one more album in 2010.  Her career isn’t stopping there.

Aside from being a country music star, Sara Evans has helped show support for political candidates and has been helping an eating disorders association by being their spokesperson.  She’s also been seen as a guest on Nashville Star and she competed during one season of Dancing with the Stars.  She has three children and is married to Jay Barker who was a college football start.  They currently live in Mountain Brook, Alabama which is a suburb of Birmingham.  Sara Evans has had an amazing career thus far and there is probably a lot more that we will see from her.


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