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Rihanna Album: LoudRihanna was born in Barbados in an area called Saint Michael.  She was born on February 20th, 1988.  Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.  For the first few years of her life, she lived a pretty standard life of an island girl in Barbados.  She attended a grammar school there and even won her school talent show when she performed Mariah Carey’s hit “Hero”.  She was at this point just your normal girl, enjoying growing up in Barbados, but that was all about to change when she was introduced to a major music producer that was vacationing on the island and met her.  He sent her to New York, introduced her to Jay-Z, and once he heard her sing, she was on her way to becoming the superstar that we know Rihanna as today.

Rihanna’s music career really started at the age of 16 when she was signed by Def Jam Recordings, which was run by Jay-Z at that time.  She auditioned for him and he was sold, she was signed and that is where it all started.  This was all at the age of 16.  The first time that Rihanna released a studio album was in 2005, this was her debut.  This album was called Music of the Sun and it became a top 10 on the Billboard album chart.  The hit single off this CD was “Pon de Replay” which is still played in the clubs today.  This was just the first of many albums and singles that Rihanna would release.

Her second album was A Girl Like Me, and was released in April of 2006.  This album was known for its singles like ”SOS” and “Unfaithful”.  This album also hit the charts and was something that was a huge hit even though critics questioned her music and how good her music was.  But, she proved them wrong and continued to climb in popularity.  Shortly after the album was released, she started her first world tour and launched her acting career.

But, in 2009, she started having some issues.  She was dating Chris Brown, another singer, and was forced to cancel her Grammy appearance.  It was shortly after that when Chris Brown was charged with assault and threatening her.  He was later found guilty of felony assault and Rihanna has a restraining order on him.  This actually set Rihanna out as a spokesperson on assault and she has been a role model to a lot of girls and women that have been in her situation. 

From there, her career just continued to climb.  In 2010, she released her fifth album which was Loud, and has once again become a huge it on the Billboard charts.  She continues to tour the world and pair up with other great artists to put out album after album.  With all the pressure that grief that Rihanna has dealt with, her music really affects a lot of people and touches a lot of hearts.  There will be much more that comes from her.


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