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NicklebackThe group got their name because one of their members used to work at Starbucks and, whenever giving change back to customers, he would say “here is your nickel back”. And such, Nickelback was born.
Composed of members Chad Kroeger and Mike Kroeger, and Ryan Peake, Nickelback is one of the most successful bands to come out of Canada. Nickelback is currently the second most selling foreign band to sell in the U.S. after The Beatles. They’ve sold more than 31 million records and rank as the 11th best band of the 2000s. Nickelback has a hugely devoted and loyal following, and rightfully so.

Some of the bands major smash hits have included “How you Remind Me”; “Figured You Out”; “Feelin Way Too Damn Good”; “Because of You”; “Photograph”; “Animals”; “Far Away”; “Rockstar”; “If Everyone Cared”; “Gotta be Somebody”; “If Today was your Last Day”; “I’d Come For You”; and “Burn it to the Ground”.

Nickelback has released six albums from a studio; Curb in 1996; The State in 2000 (was recorded in 1998 and released as in independent record but then re-released with EMI and Roadrunner Records in 2000 due to low record sales); Silver Side Up in 2001 (the release of Silver Side Up propelled the band into the mainstream with the hit single “How You Remind Me”); The Long Road in 2003; All the Right Reasons in 2005; and Dark Horse in 2008. Nickelback’s most popular single, “How you Remind Me” was off of their third album, Silver Side UP. “How You Remind Me” was the first single released from that album. Nickelback’s album All The Right Reasons has been the groups most popular album to date. All The Right Reasons remained in the top 30 for more than two years and sold more than seven million copies in the United States alone.

Nickelback has been nominated for 50 awards; 6 American Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, five Grammy Awards, 26 Juno Awards (Canadian Award) and eight MuchMysic Video Awards. In 2007, Nickelback was nominated for, and won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Group.

Described as a post-grunge band, Nickelback’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chad Kroeger has audiences yearning for more of his scratchy, sultry and unforgettable voice. Chad Kroeger also collaborated with American Idol contestant and runner-up Bo Bice for his album You’re Everything.

Chad’s older brother Mike Kroeger is the band’s bass guitarist. It was at Chad’s request that Mike and buddy Ryan Peake join the band and begin Nickelback.
Early on in the band’s career, an EP with seven tracks called Hesher was released. This was in 1996. Although the album was only played locally and did not chart, Hesher is now a very sought-after collector’s item.

Nickelback was often compared to the band and music from Creed.


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