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Neon Trees Album: HabitsNeon Trees is a band that was formed in Provo, Utah that is more in the rock genre than anything else.  The band actually is more based out of Temecula, California than anywhere else and was started by some neighbors that grew up together.  The founding members of Neon Trees were Tyler Glenn and Chris Allen.  It was in Provo that they came up with this idea and made their first home. Realizing that two people were not enough, they added Braden Campbell and David Charles to their group.  These guys were definitely pretty well known in the Provo scene and decided to step out of the area and see what they could to do take it to a higher level.

For Neon Trees, they actually got their start around 2006 when they were able to put out their first EP.  This EP had some very promising songs and people were starting to catch onto the Neon Trees and all that they had to offer.  Another big break for this band came when they were playing at a small club in Las Vegas.  Their bassist, Branden had actually previously played in a band with the drummer for The Killers.  So, the Killers drummer, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. went to listen to them play and he discovered that there was a very talented band here that he really liked.

For this reason, The Killers invited Neon Trees onto some specific dates for one of their tours and they were able to open for a very big name band.  The Killers also helped Neon Trees get signed by Mecury Records so that they could get some help to release a full length album.  Their debut album was released in March of 2010.  Their lead single “Animal” was actually featured as a Free Single of the Week on iTunes and they were able to get a lot of press with the song on places like Jimmy Kimmell, Jay Leno, Conan, and Lopez Tonight.

Neon Trees also does some really cool stuff with their songs and the songs of other artists.  They actually took the popular song “Baby” by Justin Bieber and they mixed it with “Stand By Me” to put out a really cool single that turned a lot of heads.  It is things like this that makes Neon Trees so unique and one of the reasons why they are growing in popularity today.

The band Neon Trees is just getting their start, but there is a lot more to see from them.  They have released a live album that was available on iTunes and had eight live tracks on it.  They also released a Christmas signal that was available for free on iTunes also.  Neon Trees has a promising future and these boys from Provo made a great decision heading down the path that they did.  Their hard work and dedication are going to take them far and bring them a lot of success.  Start looking out, you’ll be seeing their name more and more.


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