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Nelly Album: 5.0 DeluxeNelly was born as Cornell Haynes Jr in the city of Saint Louis.  He was born in November of 1974.  Nelly was an Air Force brat and his father moved pretty frequently.  In fact, Nelly even lived in Spain for three years before the family actually settled down back in Saint Louis, which is where Nelly considers his home.  But, his home life wasn’t steady and when he was eight years old his parents ended up getting a divorce and lived with his mother in the city of Saint Louis where he owes so much of his rap career too.

For Nelly, growing up was difficult and it was full of choices that were hard to make.  He was the youngest kid in the group of people that he hung out with and found himself generally in trouble.  What saved him from a life of trouble was actually baseball and he was moved from Saint Louis to University City which was a suburb, here he ended up playing baseball and actually was quite good at it.  For Nelly, there were even offers to play sports professionally, which he turned down to pursue his career in music.

In high school he actually formed a rap group that was called the St. Lunatics with some friends that he’d met at school.  They were inspired by rappers like Run DMC, Outkast, Goodie Mob, and LL Cool J.  They actually put out an album that was sold locally and did well.  They did all of this while Nelly was playing for the Saint Louis Amateur Baseball Association, this was the group that thought he would go down the professional baseball path, and instead he surprised them by taking the rap game route instead.  It is a good thing he did though because Nelly’s rap career lit up shortly after the St. Lunatics put out their first vinyl.

The St. Lunatics were disbanded when it was understood that it was better for Nelly to start off on a solo career.   That is where Nelly was born.  All of this was happening in Atlanta where the rap game was hot and there were a lot of great labels to sign with.  The first single that Nelly put out was his ever famous “Country Grammar”.  This was an instant hit, and soon he followed it up with E.I which became a huge hit on the club scene.

Today, Nelly is still one of the top rappers in the game, and everything that he puts out climbs the charts quickly.  His newest single “Only Just a Dream” released in late 2010 and is another huge hit on the charts.  Even though people were skeptical of what Nelly could do since he hadn’t released an album in years, they were surprised by this new hit and the direction that Nelly had taken his music.  The new album has been a huge success and there is a lot more of Nelly that the public will probably be seeing soon enough.


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