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Kenny Chesney Album: Hemingway's WhiskeyKenneth Arnold Chesney was born on March 26th, 1968 and is a huge country music superstar.  Kenny was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and was raised nearby in Luttrell, Tennessee.  His father was a teacher and his mother was a hairstylist.  He graduated from high school where he was a star baseball and football player.  Kenny chose to attend college at East Tennessee State University and he was a member of their Bluegrass program.  He was a marketing student there and was also a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.  He actually worked while in college to release an independent album and ended up playing at local clubs throughout the area so that he could buy himself a new guitar and take his music to another level.  The funny thing was that his friends and frat brothers actually used to hide his guitar because they said he was so bad.

Once he graduated, he went to Nashville so that he was able to hopefully break into the music scene there.  He ended up playing at The Turf, which was in a pretty rough area of town, but he was a regular there and he was known as a performer there.  He actually started his career in music as a songwriter and got a contract as one from BMI Records so he was able to start writing songs.  That didn’t last for long, however, so he ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia and he was signed by BNA records.

His first album was put out in 1994, there really weren’t that many hits on it, but it was enough to get his name out and get people to know that Kenny was out there.  He released another album after that in 1995 and one more after that in 1996.  He started to get a name for himself with his 4th album that was released in 1997 and had the song “She’s Got it All”.   From there, he released 7 more albums that had huge hits on them before he put out a greatest hits album.  In 2007, he started releasing albums again and he put out 3 more up to 2010.  By this time, Kenny Chesney was a huge country superstar and was selling out concerts all over the United States.  He was well known and people loved what he had to offer and his fun music.

Kenny Chesney really enjoys spending time in the tropical weather.  He actually owns a 60 foot yacht that he sails out of the U.S Virgin Islands.  He was married once, but was quickly divorced and has remained single since then.  He does do a lot of charitable work with some cancer organizations and makes donations to a scholarship fund for children to attend college.  Kenny Chesney has been given so many awards and is a great performer and artist in the country music scene.  His career is at a high and there is sure to be much more that we will see from Kenny.


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