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Jerrod Niemann Album: Judge Jerrod & The Hung JuryJerrod Lee Niemann is a country singer that was born in Harper, Kansas and was raised in Liberal, Kansas.  He has always been interested in music and at a young age he was really motivated by country acts like Lefty Frizell and George Strait.  His first guitar was actually an autographed Tracy Lawrence guitar that his mother actually won in a contest.  Jerrod started to attend a non-profit organization that was called Kansas Kids and he did talent competitions all over the United States until he won one of the national finals in 1996 singing a Tracy Lawrence song ironically enough.

Once he graduated from high school, he headed out to the South Plains College located in Texas.  He ended up getting an Associate in Arts degree and worked on his music career by playing guitar and singing in different clubs and bars across Texas.  He even played at some of the more famous places in Texas like the White Elephant Saloon and the Stockyard Saloon.  He put out his own album in 1999 and it was a self-titled album.  He did all of this on his own without being signed to a label and was determined to make it in the music industry.

Once he was done with college and after the self titled album was released, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee.  Here, he signed a preliminary deal with Mercury Records, he never ended up releasing anything with them.  He got out of his relationship with them and he took his band and started touring all over the United States.  He just played little venues, nothing big, but he started to get his name out there and even headed over to Europe to travel.  This brought him a lot of exposure and helped him to land his next record deal.

He was signed to Category 5 Records in 2006 and with them he started to chart his singles.  His first single that hit the charts was “I Love Women (My Momma Can’t Stand).  The problem was that he just couldn’t get a break with the label that he was on and he was forced to switch labels again to Arista Nashville which is something that Brad Paisley owns part of.  He was able to work with Arista to record an album that will be released soon and he was even asked to present an award at the Country Music Awards in 2010.

Aside from releasing his own album and touring, Jerrod Niemann is a songwriter.  He has worked on collaborating with some famous country music singers.  He actually was contacted by Garth Brooks and he helped Garth write his song “Good Ride Cowboy” and “That Girl is a Cowboy”.  He even has received awards for the songs he collaborated with Garth Brooks on and that have brought him a lot of press also.  Jerrod Niemann is newer when it comes to releasing albums and his first one will be out later on in the year.  Look out to see what he has to offer.

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