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Jason AldeanBorn Jason Aldean Williams, in Macon Georgia in 1977, Jason Aldean is a country music singer with three recorded albums on Broken Bow Records label. Jason has recorded three albums to date; the self-titled Jason Aldean, Relentless and Wide Open. There have been eight hit singles to come from Jason’s albums; “Hicktown”, “Why”, “Amarillo Sky”, “Johnny Cash”, “Laughed Until We Cried”, “Relentless”, “She’s Country”, and “Big Green Tractor”.

Jason’s mom Debbie, and dad Barry, divorced when Jason was three. His mother raised him however he would visit his father during the summers in Homestead, Florida. It was Jason’s father who introduced his love of the guitar and taught him how to play. When Jason would visit his father during the summers, each morning before his father went to work he would use notebook paper to write down various guitar chords for Jason to practice during the day. As soon as Jason’s dad returned from work at the end of the day they would play together. Jason developed an ability to play a song by ear meaning, he did not need to see music to learn a song. Jason and his father together learned and played Hank Williams Jr., “The Blues Man”, George Straits “The Cowboy Rides Away”, and Alabama’s “My Home’s in Alabama”.

When Jason was fourteen he saw some country music awards on tv. Jason’s first performance as a country singer and performer was for the local VFW hall in Macon at age fourteen. Aldean jokes the ten people in the audience clapped for him when he was finished performing, however he had to be dragged off the stage because he loved it so much. From that moment on he knew he wanted to be a country music star. At age fifteen, Jason joined on at the nightspot Nashville South and played for their house band.

“Hicktown”, Jason’s first released single, was released in 2005 and peaked on the Billboard Hot Country Songs at number ten. Jason’s second single, “Why” was his first number one hit and the following single, “Amarillo Sky”, peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Jason’s second album, Relentless, was released in 2007 with the first single released being “Johnny Cash”. “Johnny Cash” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot Country Charts. Following “Johnny Cash”, Jason released “Laughed Until We Cried” which later became Jason’s fifth top ten hit single.

In 2008 Jason released his third album Wide Open. The first single released from this album was “She’s Country” which also became his second number one hit. After releasing “She’s Country” Aldean released “Big Green Tractor”.

Jason Aldean has toured with artists like Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban.


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