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Eric Church Album: CarolinaCountry star Kenneth Eric Church, or as he is known today, Eric Church was born on May 3rd, 1977 in Granite Falls, North Carolina.  As a child, he always liked music.  He bought a guitar when he was 13 and at that young age he started writing his own songs.  Before he was a senior in high school, he was playing at a local bar and that took up most of his spare time.  Eric Church actually played at some pretty unpleasant bars and even had a few scuffles up on stage during the times he played at these locations.

The band that Eric Church started with included his college roommate, his brother, and another guitarist.  They called themselves the Mountain Boys.  Eric did attend college at Appalachian State University and got a degree in marketing, but his heart wasn’t in a corporate career and he cut his ties with the area he was living in and he headed to Nashville, Tennessee.  He made his contacts and even met his wife in the first 6 months he was there.  He was married in 2008 to Katherine Blasingame who is actually a music publisher, so he had great support from his wife.

The first album that Eric Church put out was an album called Sinners Like Me.  There were a few hits on this album and he was invited to tour with Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts.  In 2008, Eric released another single that was “Love your Love the Most”.  This song was popular and was a single off of his new album Carolina.  It was really this album and these singles that have got Eric Church a name that people know him by and are helping to bring him up in the charts for his popularity.  “Love your Love the Most” actually got Eric Church into the top 10 of the Billboard charts which was the highest any song of his had ever gone.  He was very excited about the success that he was getting out of this.

In January of 2011, Eric Church released yet another album which was just a little bit of a four song EP.  That four song EP was called “Caldwell County”.  There are songs on this that will probably become a hit, but it will take awhile since the album was just released.  He is still riding off of the wave of success that his previous album had and the singles that are still coming off of that CD.

Eric Church has been nominated for some larger awards with the Academy of Country Music Awards.  He is up in 2011 for Top New Solo Vocalist, and fingers crossed that he’ll receive this award and this honor.  There is a lot that Eric Church has to offer and after a lot of hard work he is finally getting the recognition that his talent deserves.  Between his album he released recently and his EP, there is a lot of music out there for Eric Church, see what he has to offer.


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