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Enrique Iglesias Album: Tonight I'm Loving YouFamous Spanish pop music star, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8th, 1975.  He is, of course, better known as Enrique Iglesias to most of the population.  Enrique was actually born in Madrid, Spain and is the son of the famous pop singer Julio Iglesias.  His mother was actually a socialite and magazine journalist and was well-off.  When he was younger, his Grandfather was actually kidnapped by a rouge terrorist group and Enrique was sent to live with his father in Miami.  For the most part, they lived their lives on the road so they were either sent to a boarding school or taken care of by the family’s nanny.

For Enrique, he really did not want to make his career off the fact that his father was a famous musician, so he didn’t.  He actually borrowed some money from the family nanny so that he could record his first demo tape.  He did use his father’s old publicist, but he also used a stage name so that no one actually knew that it was him.  Finally, he was signed to a label shortly after he decided to drop out of college, so he moved to Toronto to record his first tape and try a go at the music industry.

The first album that Enrique actually put out was a Spanish album that was mostly made of rock ballads that were pretty soft.  It was a huge hit, and for something that was not recorded in English, he sold a lot of copies.  However, he was extremely far from making it into the mainstream music market with this style of music.  He did even win a Grammy for his Latin pop music.  He even went on a tour with this music and was given some pretty major accolades for his Spanish music that was starting to become a mainstream hit even though it wasn’t in English.

Finally, in 1999, Enrique realized that he needed to start crossing over into the English language market like others that had before.  Thanks to the song “Bailamos” which ended up in the movie Wild Wild West, he finally had a mainstream number one hit on the charts.  With this, he started to work on his first album to become a crossover artist.  This lead to Escape, which was released in 2001 and had the single “Hero” that all of America remembers because of the September 11th tragedies. 

Today, Enrique has become even more main stream.  He actually released his ninth album on July 5th of 2010, called Euphoria.  This had the hit on it, “I Like It” which featured Pitbull and was a number one hit on the charts.  Today, Enrique does so much that includes acting and much more, he is definitely an asset to the music industry and will continue to be a mainstream artist that people know.  Thanks to his crossover into the English music market, he has become a large superstar and will be able to ride this fame for years.


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