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Dave Matthews BandThe Dave Matthews Band was formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991. Founded by Dave Matthews himself as singer and songwriter, the band also includes members Stefan Lessard, bassist; Boyd Tinsley, violinist; Jeff Coffin, saxophonist and Carter Beauford, drummer. The band also included member LeRoi Moore who was also a founding member along with Dave Matthews himself. LeRoi was a saxophonist for the band until his untimely death in August of 2008.

Each member of the Dave Matthews Band has a different musical background and different favorite musical genres. It is thought that this recipe for music is what has made the Dave Matthews Band such a huge songwriting success and fan favorite.

Since their beginnings in 1991, the Dave Matthews Band has been nominated 27 times for various awards. Dave Matthews Band has won seven awards. The Dave Matthews Band has been nominated for three American Music Awards; fifteen Grammy Awards and they won two of them; six MTV Video Music Awards and Dave Matthews Band was nominated for and won one NAACP Image Award. Nominated work has been “What Would You Say”; “So Much to Say”; “Too Much”; The Dave Matthews Band Album Crash; “Crash Into Me”: “Crush”; the Dave Matthews Band album Before These Crowded Streets; “Love of my Life”; “The Space Between”; “Where are you Going”; and “Gravedigger”. MTV Awards have been for “Crash Into Me”; “Don’t Drink the Water”; “I Did It”; and “Everyday”; while VH1 Music Awards have been nominated for “The Space Between”; the Dave Matthews Band album Everyday; and the Dave Matthews Band self-titled album, The Dave Matthews Band.

Dave Matthews himself was born in 1967 and it is not widely known that aside from being the front man of the Dave Matthews Band, Dave Matthews also worked with other musical groups such as the Blue Man Band.

Stefan Lessard was born in 1974 and has a son with ex-wife Josie Baucom. They had a daughter who died of SIDS.

Boyd Tinsley was born in 1964. Tinsley has collaborated in writing some of the songs for Dave Matthews Band. From a very musical family, Tinsley also grew up in the same neighborhood as Dave Matthews Band late saxophonist LeRoi Moore and Dave Matthews Band drummer Carter Beauford.

Carter Beauford was born in 1957 is the oldest member of the Dave Matthews Band and was one of the founding members. Beauford began drumming at age three.
Dave Matthews Band music has been compared to the Grateful Dead as a more pop-oriented version of the band. The band self-promoted in their early years by touring the country and relentlessly targeting college campuses. Quite possibly, the three most well-known singles from Dave Matthews Band have been “Crash”, “Ants Marching”, and “Satellite”.


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