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Chris Brown Album: F.A.M.E.Chris Brown is an R&B and Rap artist that was born on May 5th, 1989.  He was born in a really small town in Virginia called Tappahannock.  His mother Joyce was a day care director and his father Clinton was a corrections officer at the local prison.  He is the youngest of all of the children that his family had and he has always been interested in music.  As a young age, he worked on his own so that he was able to sing and dance.  He always says that Michael Jackson is a huge inspiration of his.  He took his talent and started to perform in a church choir and some local talent shows.  His parents saw that he was talented as he was performing and they made it their goal to help their son break into the music industry as an artist.

It was at a young age that he was actually discovered; when he was 13 he was moved to New York.  He was working with Def Jam Records at the time which was a huge label for the rap and R&B industry.  Here, they worked with him to get him into a contract and realized the true potential that Chris Brown had as a teenager.  He was eventually signed to Jive Records in 2004.

Once he was signed, he started to record, but that didn’t happen until February of 2005.  But, in just a matter of a few months, he had already recorded like 50 different songs and 14 were put on his first album.  As a young artist, his lyrics were geared towards what teenagers deal with as they are going through those few years.  His first album was actually released in late 2005 and it did debut at number 2 on the Billboard charts.

From here, his career started to sail.  He was given a major tour that he was co-headlining in the fall of 2006.  He also was the opening act for Beyonce on her Australian tour that year.  He did a summer tour in 2007 with Ne-Yo and then he went back into the studio to work on his new album.  His next album was released in late 2007 and was a huge hit.  He ended up selling nearly 2 million copies.  In 2008, he put out another album and was now headlining on his own.

Chris Brown has seen better days in 2009 when he was booked with assault charges for domestic violence on Rihanna, a rap artist, and his girlfriend at the time.  He pled guilty to these later on and was put on probation for a few months and had to pay fines.  Today, he is focusing on his music career and taking it to a new level.  He has released a new single, which may have a new album following it.  Chris Brown is young, so there is a lot more that will come from him, hopefully he will be able to keep himself out of trouble and continue down the path he’s on.


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