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Carrie Underwood Album: Play OnCarrie Underwood is a country superstar that was born on March 10th, 1983 in Muskogee, Okalahoma.  She grew up on a farm nearby and her father worked at the local sawmill while her mother was an elementary school teacher.  As a child, she sang at the Baptist church that they attended and also sang for a lot of local events and local talent shows.  She graduated from high school as the salutatorian of her class and went onto college at Northeaster State University where she graduated with a degree in communications.  Carrie was a member of the sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma and while she attended school there, she also did beauty pageants and talent shows in that area.

Carrie Underwood’s big break came when she auditioned for American Idol in Saint Louis, Missouri.  She was a huge hit on the show and was even picked by Simon Cowell, the picky judge, to be one of the favorites to win this competition.  Carrie was such a huge hit on American Idol that she actually had her own fan following and they were called “Carrie’s Care Bears”.  She did go onto win American Idol as the fourth winner in 2005.  This was just the start of what was about to be a huge career for Carrie Underwood.

After American Idol, Carrie worked on her own music.  She released a single that she was invited back onto the set of American Idol to perform.  She also did the Idol Gives Back concert with a bunch of other high ranking Idol contestants and winners.  She has been on Idol nearly every season since performing some song that she has written or a duet with someone.  This show is where she got her fame and she is happy to come back and show them where American Idol has taken her.

Carrie put out her first album in 2005 that was called Some Hearts.  This album had a few different singles that actually debuted at number one.  She was making the charts on a few different charts and not just on the country chart.  She really was growing in popularity and was winning the hearts of people everywhere.  In 2006, she was awarded with the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award and nominated for the award of Best Female Country Artist.  She was cleaning up at these award shows and people knew who she was and what she sang.

She released her second album Carnival Ride in 2007 and had a few hit singles off that album too.  This was the same year that she was named as the Billboard best country artist of the year.  She headed out on a world tour with Keith Urban in 2008 to share her music with more people.  Her third album came out in late 2009 and was called Play On.  Carrie has had a great career and there is probably going to be much more that we will see from her.  People truly love what she has to offer. Download all of Carrie Underwood’s songs for free today and see for yourself why everyone loves this country singer.


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