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Bruno Mars Album: Doo - Wops & HooligansBruno Mars was born in Honolulu, Hawaii as Peter Hernandez.  He is a Filipino that is native to Hawaii where he grew up and graduated from high school.  Bruno Mars, or Peter as his friends refer to him, actually got his start in the music industry at an extremely early age.  Peter could be found as a child playing in his Uncle’s band as the front man…when he was only four years old!  He quickly became the youngest Elvis impersonator to live on the island of Oahu thanks to his involvement in his Uncle’s band.  A few years later, when he was ten years old, he was doing a concert series called Legends in Concert which is a well known Michael Jackson impersonation show.  His career started out at a young age, which helped provide him with the experience that he needed to have the successful career that he was about to break into.

The start of Bruno Mars’ big break came after he graduated from high school in 2003. His uncle, who is one of his main inspirations, pushed him to move to California so that he could attempt to break into the main stream music industry.  He did just that, and luckily he took the chance or he may have never been discovered.  Once Bruno Mars moved to California, he hooked up with a songwriter by the name of Phillip Lawrence and paired up with him to start writing some songs.  The first hit that the two of them had as songwriters was a song for Brandy called “Long Distance”.  They also helped write the Flo Rida song “Right Round” which became a huge smash hit in 2009.

But, songwriting is not just where Bruno Mars stopped, he wanted more, and for someone that came from a background of being a performer, that was the next step for him.  As he became known as an excellent singer and songwriter, he was able to start collaborating with more and more artists and that helped him launch his solo career later on in 2010.  Bruno Mars was heard singing alongside the Travie McCoy hit “Billionaire” as he attempted to launch his own solo career.  He also was heard on the track with Bruno Mars for the song “Nothin’ on You”.  Cee-Lo Green also used him to help write his track “F*ck You!” which is Grammy-nominated and a huge cult hit in the music industry at the present time.

Bruno Mars’ first solo album was actually an EP that he released in early 2010.  He followed this up with his hit album that made the charts called “Soundcheck”.  This album had all his hit songs on it like “Just the Way You Are”, “Billionaire”, and “Grenade”.  This album is just the start of his career as a hit artist. Download all of Bruno Mars songs for free today and see what everyone is talking about.


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