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Brad PaisleyBrad Paisley is quite possibly the best, most unknown country artist. In saying this, it is acknowledged that Brad Paisley is irrevocably talented and well respected in the country music scene. He has not however gone mainstream which means there are millions of potential Brad Paisley fans who have not yet been exposed to the music of Brad Paisley.

Paisley has won thirteen Academy of Country Music Awards, in 1999 he won Top New Male Vocalist of the Year, in 2004 he won Vocal Event of the Year for Whiskey Lullaby, in 2004 he also won Video of the Year for Whiskey Lullaby, in 2005 he won Album of the Year for Time Well Wasted and Vocal Event of the Year for When I get Where I’m Going. Also in 2005, Paisley won Video of the Year for When I get Where I’m Going, in 2007 and 2008 he won top Male Vocalist of the Year, also in 2008 he won Video of the Year for Online, in 2009 he won Video of the Year for Waitin on a Woman and Vocal Event of the Year for Start a Band. Also in 2009, Paisley has won Top Male Vocalist of the Year.

Brad Paisley has also won three Grammy Awards; 2008 Best Country Instrumental Performance for Throttleneck; 2009 Best Country Instrumental Performance for Cluster Pluck and 2009 Best Male Country Vocal performance for Letter To Me.

Born in 1972, Brad’s love of country music started when his grandfather gave him a guitar at the age of eight. It was then that Paisley began playing. By age twelve, Brad had written his first song and by thirteen, Brad Paisley was opening for country artists such as The Judds, George Jones and Ricky Skaggs. While Paisley began his career at a young age writing songs, he did eventually break into the country singing business with his recorded song in 1999 titled “Who Needs Pictures”. The single “Who Needs Pictures” was followed up by his first hit single, “He Didn’t Have to be”.

A year later in 2000, Paisley won the Horizon Award. A highly respected County Music Association Award as well as being awarded best new male vocalist by the Academy of Country Music. Paisley was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2001.
In 2002, Paisley made fans go crazy with his singles “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song), “Two People Fell in Love”, “Wrapped Around” and “I Wish You’d Stay”. In the video to Paisley’s song “I’m Gonna Miss Her”, there were numerous celebrity guest appearances. One of these appearances was by actress Kimberly Williams who later became Mrs. Brad Paisley.

Till date Paisley continues to write songs and sell records and he and wife Kimberly have two sons, William Huckleberry and Jasper Warren.


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