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Black Eyed PeasThe Black Eyed Peas are quite possibly one of the most amazing, popular, talented and misunderstood musical groups of this day. Comprised of members will. i. am. (group front man), apl. De. Ap., Taboo, and Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas first hit the music scene in the late 1990s. The band didn’t really hit mainstream America until later in the 2000s however. Underground clubs and less mainstream music fans were listening to them well before they become main stream. One theory for this is that Fergie joined the group in 2003 and she is what brought mass attention to the Black Eyed Peas. She brought more mainstream listeners and a more dance club feel to the group.

Since forming in 1998, the group has released five albums; Behind the Front (1998); Bridging the Gap (2000); Elephunk (2003); Monkey Business (2005); and most recently the Black Eyed Peas released The E.N.D in 2009. Since Fergie joined the group they have been on five tours as well. The Elephunk Tour in 2004, Honda Civic Tour in 2006, Monkey Business World Tour in 2006, Black Blue and you World Tour in 2007 and The Energy Never Dies Tour in 2009.

Black Eyed Peas have been nominated for ten Grammy Awards. They won three of them. Black Eyed Peas were nominated for Record of the Year (2004) for Where is the Love, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (2004) for “Where is the Love”, Best Rap Song (2005) for “Let’s Get it Started”, Record of the Year (2005) Lets Get it Started, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (2005) “Lets Get it Started” (won this Grammy), Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (2006) for “Don’t Phunk with my Heart” (won), Best Rap Song (2006) for “Don’t Phunk with my Heart”, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group (2006) for “Don’t Lie”, Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals (2006) “Gone Going”, and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group (2007) for “My Humps” which, they won.

Some of the Black Eyed Peas mega hit singles have been “Where is the Love”; “Shut Up”; “Hey Mama”; “Lets Get it Started”; “Don’t Phunk with my Heart”; “My Humps”; “Pump It”; “Boom Boom Pow” and most recently, “I Gotta Feelin”.

Black Eyed Peas most recent album released was The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies). The first single released from the album was “Boom Boom Pow” which skyrocketed to number one where it stayed for nine weeks.

Upcoming events for the Black Eyed Peas include touring with U2 on their 2009n tour. Black Eyed Peas are meeting up with U2 during the final dates of their tour in Norman, Oklahoma; Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.



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