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All American RejectsFormed in 2001 by Tyson Ritter, lead vocalist and bass guitarist, Nick Wheeler, guitarist and vocalist, Mike Kennerty, guitarist and vocalist and Chris Gaylor, drummer, The All-American Rejects are a rock band out of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Nominated in 2003 for the MTV Video Music Award Best New Artist for “Swing Swing”, and in 2004 for the Music Video Production Association for Best Pop Video for “The Last Song”, The All-American Rejects were also nominated for the following awards in 2006: MTV Video Music Award Best Group Video for “Move Along”; MTV Video Music Award Best Editing in a Video for “Move Along”; MuchMusic Video Award for Best International Group for “Dirty Little Secret”; Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Group and Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Track for “Move Along”. In 2007 The All-American Rejects won the ASCAP Vanguard Award as well as were nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the category for Choice Rock Group again. The All-American Rejects were inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2008 for their song “Rising Star”.

The All-American Rejects have released three albums; The All-American Rejects, Move Along and When the World Comes Down as well as had eleven smash hit singles; “Swing Swing”, “The Last Song”, “Time Stands Still”, “My Paper Heart”, “Dirty Little Secret”, “Move Along”, “It Ends Tonight”, “Top of the World”, “Gives You Hell”, “The Wind Blows”, and “I Wanna”.

In 2001, Tyson Ritter was at a party and saw Nick Wheeler’s band playing. Tyson noticed there was no bass player in Nick’s band. Tyson told Nick he could play bass (which, he couldn’t) because he wanted to join the band. He quickly and hastily learned to play bass guitar. Soon thereafter, Ritter and Wheeler formed their own two-man band. Ritter and Wheeler were joined by Mike Kennerty, a guitarist, Chris Gaylor, a drummer and Nathan Brindley, a keyboardist.

Now that the band had been formed, the songwriting and performing could begin. With the help of producer Tim O’Heir, The All-American Rejects recorded their first album, the self-titled The All-American Rejects.

In 2005, the band released Move Along, their second album. Move Along featured “Dirty Little Secret”, “Top of the World”, and “Move Along”, all smash hit singles from the album. “Move Along” peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 six months after its release and was then nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Editing in a Video and Best Group Video. They won Best Group Video.

The All-American Rejects began recording their third album When the World Comes Down in the summer of 2007. Writing and recording this album took two years but came out with a bang with the smash hit single “Gives You Hell”, released in September of 2008.

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